Dear Reader,

For too long, the Jewish community has been silent and helpless in the face of the timeless problem of infertility. We can only make change, bring healing, and provide support for issues that we identify, name and address. You are part of a growing movement to remove the stigma and isolation that so many people dealing with infertility have to face.

Infertility is a human issue. However, being Jewish brings a unique perspective to the experience as well as unique possibilities for guidance for getting through it. In conjunction with Infertility Awareness Shabbat, the goal of this resource is to give infertility a voice and hold space for the 1 in 8 men and women within their spiritual communities.

This resource is not mean to be prescriptive. There is no one way and no right way to deal with infertility. Each person has to deal with their circumstances, make decisions, and feel their feelings in the moment, in their own way. This resource is meant to help people to move through the experience and to feel less isolated. It is also intended to build sensitivity and support within the Jewish community. Not every piece in this resource will speak to each person. Our hope is that by addressing a variety of experiences and perspectives that this will include something for everyone.

Thank you for your part in bringing awareness to infertility in the Jewish community and if you are experiencing a family building challenges yourself, we hope you find comfort and support from this resource.


Idit Solomon


Elana Frank

Jewish Fertility Foundation

Gila Muskin Block

Yesh Tikva